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2023’s Southern Europe Wildfires – Sensationalism vs data

Summarised by Centrist

Chris Morrison, environmental editor of the Daily Sceptic, writes “Fire ‘weather’ is a potent tool in stoking up general climate anxiety and helps promote the need for a collectivist Net Zero political solution.” 

EU stats over four decades indicate that it was an average year for wildfires in Southern Europe in 2023, which is contrary to the narrative of increasing severity due to climate change. Many previous years experienced higher levels of destruction.

Economic damage and loss of life from wildfires are indeed significant. However, attributing this solely to climate change overlooks human activity, including the vast majority of fires set accidentally or by arsonists, says Morrison. 

Moreover, revelations from climate scientist Patrick Brown shed light on the selective focus of research publications seeking to use the fear of wildfires to sell the climate change narrative. 

Morrison writes how the UK’s Met Office’s recent claim, that storms in the UK were intensifying due to climate change, was without evidence.

Additionally, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) now states that human activity does not contribute to severe wind storms, floods, heavy rain, coastal flooding, or erosion.

Read more over at The Daily Sceptic

Image: EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid

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