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NZ health authorities tight lipped after vaccine safety study retracted in controversy

Summarised by Centrist

In 2018, a study led by Prof Beverley Lawton reported a 23% reduction in very preterm births among HPV vaccinated mothers. However, it was retracted in 2020 due to potential data inversion, suggesting an increased risk of preterm births. 

Prof Lawton’s undisclosed financial ties to CSL Limited, the HPV vaccine rights holder, added controversy. The MoH‘s refusal to provide original data for validation further fueled concerns. 

With New Zealand still endorsing the HPV vaccine, this raises significant issues about vaccine safety, data accuracy, and financial influence in research. 

Fast forward to today, researcher Igor Chudov sees this as a cautionary tale about researcher responsibility and the need for transparent scientific communication.

Read more over at Igor Chudov’s substack

Image: Marco Verch

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