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A growing integrity problem for the Greens

Summarised by Centrist 

The Green Party faces more integrity issues as they suspend MP Darleen Tana (the party spokesperson on small business) over alleged links to migrant exploitation. A bad look, considering Tana campaigned on stamping out exploitation. Read more

Immigrant worker Santiago Latour Palma alleges that Tana oversaw his employment with E-Bikes NZ and underpaid him, leading to a legal dispute. He alleges Tana hired him without a visa and paid cash under the table. Palma also claims he worked on Tana’s 2023 election campaign. 

Officially, Tana was reportedly to have been free of involvement from the company when she entered Parliament in 2019, but Palma suggests otherwise. 

“In general, it seems that Palma has a lot of documentary evidence to back up his claims of exploitation and wrongdoing by his employers,” writes political commentator Bryce Edwards. 

The Greens have initiated an independent investigation but are dogged by accusations of  secrecy and lack of transparency as they knew of Tana’s situation for weeks and kept quiet. 

Tana’s background in corporate business further undermines the party’s pro-worker reputation and raises questions about the party’s candidate vetting process. 

Edwards sums it up by saying “the latest scandal just goes to illustrate how far the Green Party has moved away from its union and working class orientation.”

Read more over at Democracy Project 

Image: Schwede66

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