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A growing tide is challenging radical gender ideology in schools

Summarised by Centrist

Resisting Gender Education comments on a growing tide of caution and common sense challenging radical gender ideology. England recently released draft guidance for schools on handling gender-questioning children, emphasising parental consultation and caution in social transition. They argue that the guidance does not go far enough, with calls for legal changes. 

In contrast, New Zealand’s former Minister of Education, Jan Tinetti, has denied issues regarding gender ideology in schools. Tinetti dismissed any concerns as “conspiracy-based thinking” and the product of an “imported culture war”. 

Resist Gender Education says many of England’s recommendations could be adopted in NZ. A few include: Teachers should not initiate or suggest to a child that they socially transition; A student request to socially transition should not automatically be agreed to by teachers; Parents have a right to know if their child wishes to socially transition (unless there are exceptional circumstances).

Meanwhile, concerns over the impact and claims of ‘reversibility’ of puberty blockers on teenagers’ brains gain traction. Research suggests the teenage brain is developing rapidly. Puberty blockers may have a detrimental effect on that development. 

Additionally, WHO admits a lack of evidence regarding gender-affirming care for children and adolescents.

Read more over at Resist Gender Education

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