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Right leaning voters could get 3-for-1 for their party vote  

by NZ News Essentials

ACT or National voters can possibly get a 3-for-1 for their party vote   NZNE
If the right combines their party
vote, it could cinch the election.
Image by Matthew Shugart

Here’s a look at the power of our party vote in New Zealand, and how it could be used to benefit centre-right voters in this election.

There are 2 types of seats in NZ’s MMP electoral system: electorate seats and list seats.

Candidates win electorates by gaining more votes than their competitors in a first-past-the-post race. 

List seats are won either by winning an electorate (the “coat-tailing rule”) or 5% of the party vote.

New Zealand First is currently polling at about 3% of the party vote. That means they need only about 2% of voters, from any other party, for them to meet that 5% threshold. 

By crossing the 5% threshold, New Zealand First would then bring about 6 seats to Parliament that are aligned with centre-right policies. And it would only cost ACT and National 2-3 seats.

Note: This is not an endorsement of NZ First or any political party

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