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AI has multiple uses in surgery, Auckland Uni research finds

Summarised by Centrist

New research from the University of Auckland highlights several advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) such as “computer vision”. 

This allows AI to learn and recognise surgical instruments, organs, and abnormal anatomy, which can help surgeons plan and execute complex operations, like cancer removal, more effectively.

Using virtual reality and augmented reality to plan ahead for surgeries is just one aspect of the growing role AI has, and will continue to play, in every part of a patient’s surgical journey. 

This is according to a team led by University of Auckland Dr Chris Varghese in their article, published in the journal Nature Medicine, detailing the tech’s growing role in medical surgery. 

“I think AI has a role in every part of a patient’s surgical journey, before surgery, during surgery and, most interestingly, after surgery,” Varghese says

Post op, AI can assist monitoring patients, helping identify and prevent complications, ultimately improving recovery outcomes, he said.

In New Zealand, AI is already being used to manage long surgical waiting lists, ensuring patients receive timely care based on their needs.

Read more over at the Journal Nature

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