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American tech workers up-skilling in AI to stay employable

Summarised by Centrist

Amid a frenzy of generative AI use in the US economy, the labour market is imbalanced, staff need to up-skill, and now “every worker feels the need for AI chops,” the Wall Street Journal reports

Dozens of tech industry companies are ‘remolding’ their workforces to be AI-proficient. 

Journalist Katherine Bindley reports the biggest demand in the current economy is for workers who have knowledge of large language models (LLMs) which give chatbots the ability to generate content. 

In an effort to stay competitive in the evolving job market, many workers and workplaces are striving to keep up with advancements in AI. 

One interviewee, who was laid off from Amazon, spent $6,800 on a two-week AI boot camp to enhance their skills and increase employability. Many other workers are also adapting by adding AI buzzwords to their résumés. Job posts on LinkedIn that mention AI now receive 17% more applications compared to non-AI roles. Reflecting this trend, as of December, the number of LinkedIn members incorporating AI-related skills such as Copilot and ChatGPT into their profiles has surged, being 142 times greater than in 2022.

“People started to see the writing on the wall,” Deep Atlas boot camp founder Tony Phillips said in the article. 

“[Workers] are probably not going to get replaced by AI. You’re going to be replaced by someone who knows AI and does your job,” he said. 

Read more over at The Wall Street Journal (Paywalled)

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