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“Another brutal swing of the axe” as TVNZ announces major job cuts amidst decline in viewership

Summarised by Centrist 

TVNZ, New Zealand’s state broadcaster, has announced significant job cuts and programming adjustments, including the loss of long-running shows and daily news bulletins. Notably, the current affairs program “Sunday” and consumer advocacy show “Fair Go” are among those being cut, and the fallout continues to grow.

The decision comes amidst a decline in TV news viewership and advertising revenue in the face of digital competition and changing consumer habits. 

Meanwhile, shows such as the 6pm news, entertainment program Seven Sharp, and Breakfast (which won’t have any competition once TV3’s morning show AM ends in June) remain untouched. 

The Balance observes that the primary driver behind the cuts appears to be financial viability. 

“What’s the difference with these programmes?  Well aside from the fact they’ll be the only offerings of their type in their given time slots, the crucial thing is that they all MAKE money.”

Read more over at The Balance

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