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Anthony Willy’s take on censorship

Summarised by Centrist 

When it comes to censorship, Anthony Willy writes:

“What is surprising is that our democratic system of government backed by a Bill of Rights which guarantees our right to freedom of speech and thought supported by two hundred years of rational thought is itself under attack.”

Willy notes the stark contrast between overt censorship in authoritarian regimes like Communist China, where criticism can lead to severe repercussions, and the softer,  subtler forms seen in Western democracies.

Global warming and issues regarding gender are topics subject to censorship in the West, according to Willy. 

In terms of domestic issues, Willy says National’s seeming intention to thwart ACT’s attempts to hold a popularly supported referendum on the Treaty of Waitangi’s so-called “principles” amounts to a form of censorship. 

“If the Prime Minister persists in the [former National MP Chris] Finlayson view that the public cannot be trusted with a vote on a referendum on this matter, there may well be stormy times ahead for the coalition if there is an overwhelmingly favourable response to the proposal at the select committee hearings. In that event National will lay itself open to the charge of censoring public debate and denying free speech,” he writes. 

Read more over at NZCPR

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