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Attention minor party supporters – Don’t waste your party vote!

In brief
  • This is about the difference between your vote for your local candidate and your party vote. 
  • For most minor party candidates, even if they win, the party vote is wasted on them.
  • This is because the party vote probably won’t lead to an extra seat.
  • Supporters of minor parties should consider using their party vote where it will count.  

Make your party vote count 

There’s a strategic voting approach for voters supporting a minor party candidate. For clarity, NZ First is not a minor party for the purpose of this article. For a discussion on the unique circumstances of NZ First, see our previous article.

This is not an endorsement of any party. This is a voting strategy that may benefit either left or right leaning voters. 

Many voters want to support a minor party’s candidate for a variety of reasons. However, the odds are greatly against any minor party reaching the 5% threshold of the total number of party votes cast nationally.

Those minor party voters are essentially throwing their party votes away.

Voters could consider casting their vote in their electorate for a minor party candidate, but still cast their party vote with an aligned party where the party vote is more likely to matter. That way they can help ensure their broader interests are being represented. 

It’s a tight and important election. Voters need to understand all the ways they can utilise their votes to ensure the best possible chance at having their interests reflected in the outcome. 

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