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Auckland’s proposed surfing venue and data centre face climate warming compliance challenge

Summarised by Centrist

Auckland Council is opposing a surf park, solar farm, and data centre development in Dairy Flat, backed by Spark NZ. The reason: Council moved the benchmark on climate adaptation requirements and the park will now be required to comply with a whopping 3.8°C global warming rule.

Auckland Council’s new climate change factor of 3.8°C (previously set at 2.1°C) warming sets a new high bar for developments. 

Auckland Council’s new requirement is based on Niwa’s projected temperature rise for Auckland over the next 100 years. This contrasts with the UN’s much lower global warming projections. 

Proponents say hundreds of jobs will be created in an area that could use a mass employer. The developers’ current sustainability efforts include solar power and innovative water usage. Spark’s data centre design already aims for internationally recognised LEED Gold certification for sustainability.

The project’s fate rests with a consenting panel due to decide by April 10, with support from the government but opposition from Auckland Council and transport authorities. 

Editor’s note: Can historical Niwa be trusted? We don’t think so. Read here and here for Centrist’s original in depth look at Niwa’s sketchy and seemingly incompetent claims around climate change. 

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Image: Aventuur

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