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Australia, Canada, New Zealand urge Israel to reconsider Rafah Operation for peace

Summarised by Centrist 

The Prime Ministers of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have expressed grave concerns about Israel’s planned military operation in Rafah, Gaza. They caution against such an operation, especially given that approximately 1.5 million Palestinians are taking refuge in the area (including citizens of their countries and their families). 

The leaders say humanitarian conditions in Gaza are dire  and warn of the devastating impacts an expanded military operation could have on Palestinian civilians.

They call on the Israeli government to reconsider its plans, stressing the need for protecting civilians in accordance with international humanitarian law and the need to prevent further suffering among Palestinians. 

The Prime Ministers also reiterate the International Court of Justice’s stance that Israel must ensure the delivery of basic services, essential humanitarian assistance, and the protection of civilians.

Read more over at the Beehive

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