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Australian Supreme Court declares COVID vaccine mandates unlawful under Human Rights Act

Summarised by Centrist 

In a groundbreaking decision by Australia’s Supreme Court, COVID vaccine mandates for Queensland police and ambulance workers were ruled unlawful, marking a significant legal precedent under the Human Rights Act. 

Justice Glenn Martin found that Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll and the Director-General of Queensland Health, John Wakefield, did not duly consider human rights implications before issuing mandatory COVID vaccination directives in December 2021. 

The judgement makes it necessary for authorities to explore alternative solutions to mandatory vaccination. 

Despite the ruling that mandates were unlawfully issued, the court found that, under certain circumstances, limiting human rights for mandatory vaccinations could be deemed reasonable. 

This nuanced stance leaves room for lawful mandates if human rights considerations are adequately addressed.

The ruling, celebrated by professionals and rights advocates, calls for the reinstatement and compensation of those affected by the deemed unlawful mandates. 

Surprisingly, mandates continue to be enforced in some instances with healthcare workers fired and disciplined for refusing COVID vaccinations as recently as January 2024. 

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Image: Georgie Dee

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