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Berkowitz – The dangers of an extremist education in Gaza

Summarised by Centrist 

Political scientist and US State Department representative Peter Berkowitz criticises Gaza’s education system, asserting that Hamas, the Palestinian Authority (PA), and UNRWA are indoctrinating students with extremist ideologies. 

Berkowitz alleges the promotion of hatred, violence, and antisemitism in educational materials and suggests that this poses a threat to regional stability. 

He also calls for reform in American higher education to better prepare diplomats to address the issue.

Editors comment: We add this article as an insight as to what can happen when schools are indoctrination centres. NZ isn’t engaged in the same sort of indoctrination alleged by Peter Berkowitz, but climate, gender, Treaty and critical race theory all feed into the pied piper’s greatest hits when it comes to indoctrinating children in hard-left ideology. 

Read more over at Real Clear Politics

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