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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – Is NZ’s AUKUS angst a fortune cookie opportunity for China?

Summarised by Centrist

Doubts and uncertainty are brewing over NZ’s involvement in AUKUS (the Australian, UK and US military alliance). Does this present an opportunity for China to deepen its ties to Wellington?

Foreign policy analyst Geoffrey Miller writes that China remains New Zealand’s largest trading partner, but recent economic jitters and the impact of COVID have exposed the delicate nature of this relationship. 

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to New Zealand coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between China and New Zealand. 

Miller says Wang Yi’s visit aims to strengthen ties with New Zealand while assessing opportunities amidst growing opposition and uncertainty to the new government’s potential role in AUKUS, especially regarding ‘Pillar II’. 

Wang Yi’s visit is expected to address Beijing’s concerns over New Zealand’s potential involvement in the alliance, says Miller. 

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Image:  UKinUSA

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