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Buried In The Backyard: How a wild claim slipped past Canadian scepticism of all things woke…

Summarised by Centrist

In a polarised cultural landscape, a survey by Maru Voice Canada reveals Canadian scepticism towards “cultural socialist” (i.e. woke) ideologies, with most opposing concepts like racial segregation in schools and extreme political correctness. 

However, an exception exists regarding indigenous issues. Notably, the widely believed narrative of 215 indigenous residential school children buried in Kamloops, BC, despite lacking evidence. Rubenstein notes that the only evidence was   ground penetrating radar, a technique incapable of determining the existence of organic material, human or otherwise.

Rubenstein says uncritical acceptance of these narratives raises concerns about public discernment and the role of CRT (critical race theory), which allows indigenous elites (along with the politicians) to frame narratives favourable to their agenda without much fear of being challenged. 

Editor’s note: This is illustrative of how the media, in concert with elite players, projects politically correct narratives that many are reluctant to challenge openly for fear of being labelled as racists, bigots, etc. The process in NZ is similar to Canada. 

See here, here, here for examples of how this plays out in New Zealand. 

Read more over at the Western Standard

Image: TranBC

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