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Cambridge prof calls out activists masquerading as climate scientists

Summarised by Centrist

The Daily Sceptic’s Chris Morrison writes that people are bored with climate alarmism coming from green billionaires, activists posing as scientists, the Net Zero agenda and “blockhead mainstream journalists who believe science can be ‘settled’,” he writes. 

Enter Cambridge Professor Ulf Büntgen.

Büntgen argues in The importance of distinguishing climate science from climate activism, that climate science has been politicised by activists and the media. 

“I recommend that climate science and climate activism should be separated conceptually and practically, and the latter [activism] should not be confused with science communication and public engagement,” he writes.

According to Büntgen, science is tentative, fallible and exploratory, rather than explanatory and is at risk of becoming a false religion for the public, he writes. 

He takes aim at the IPCC’s tendency to make it seem like we understand global warming a lot better than we actually do. He writes that it is difficult to measure the rate of man-made climate change compared to tens of thousands of years of natural temperature variability. 

“If unbound climate activism results in widespread panic or indifference, people may think that it is either too late for action or that action does not matter,” he writes. 

Read more over at Nature

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