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Cancelled comedy writer Graham Linehan gets the last laugh on  ‘Vindication tour’ as woke journalists get turfed out of their jobs

Summarised by Centrist 

Graham Adams writes a seminal piece on the disconnect between the woke press and much of NZ. 

Among other things, Kiwis are being kept in the dark about the recent explosive disclosures in the “WPATH (World Professional Association for Trans Health) Files”.

He also observes the media is feeling much sorrier for themselves than for other industries that have had recent layoffs.

One of the illustrations Adams uses is how the media treated Irish comedy writer Graham Linehan, previously “cancelled” for his stance on  transgenderism and women’s rights, on his recent NZ tour. Linehan says the recent recognition of the harms of many of the so-called treatments for gender confused youths, vindicate him.

“Most obviously, their willingness to overlook the Irish comedian’s arrival in the country made an immediate joke of their lofty pretensions to be the guardians of democracy,” says writer Graham Adams as layoffs in one of what journalists, at least, like to think of as one of society’s “glamour industries”, mounts. He notes the disproportionate media coverage they give  their own employment problems.

Where the mainstream media did pay Linehan attention, it was with derision, describing the writer as an “anti-transgender activist” engaging in “hate speech”. Adams points out that Linehan describes himself as a “left-wing women’s rights activist”. And a vindicated one at that as recent revelations regarding the “WPATH files” reveal the horrific nature of gender surgery, which amounts to little more than “grotesque” experimentation. 

Linehan himself adroitly diagnoses the problem with the mainstream media in NZ and abroad:

“People are sick of having someone lie to their faces. When someone is lying to you on television, and you look out the window and see a different reality, then that’s going to produce very unhappy people.” 

Read more over at The Platform

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