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Chris Bishop accused of “gaslighting” public as National is dogged by transparency and accountability concerns regarding Fast Track Approvals Bill 

Summarised by Centrist

In their zeal to fast track the Fast Track Approvals Bill, National is being criticised for a lack of transparency and a seeming disregard for public input.

Cabinet Minister Chris Bishop’s suggestion that members of the public could submit their own projects for consideration under the bill was labelled as “gaslighting” by the Greens. 

The bill’s lack of clarity on which projects are in line for consideration and blocking expert panels from seeking public input on individual applications have raised alarm among opposition groups.

If the bill becomes law, people won’t be able to comment on selected projects. These projects could bypass current laws and might greenlight projects that courts rejected in the past. 

RNZ’s attempt to obtain information through the Official Information Act, about communications between ministers and industry players, has faced obstacles, prompting a complaint to the Ombudsman. 

Editor’s note: Removing red tape is one thing, but allowing unchecked approval of projects raises concerns about potential corruption and lack of scrutiny. You can  shorten time frames without removing scrutiny entirely. Transparency and public input can help prevent costly mistakes and potential abuses by any government.

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