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Claim that Berkeley Earth data shows sun’s orientation to blame for climate change, not CO2

Summarised by Centrist

Daily Sceptic writer Stephen Andrews says that data from the climate science research organisation Berkeley Earth indicates consistent, strong seasonal temperature variations across similar latitudes. Instead of  attributing these variations to carbon dioxide emissions, he writes: 

“While it is undeniable that our planet has warmed over the past 150 years, what is the root cause? Could it be attributed to the orientation of the Earth to the Sun, considering it is the only heat source?”

Andrews explains that Berkeley Earth’s land surface temperature data, from 1860 to 2020, for the entire planet shows the rate of warming in winter is much higher than in summer.  Also, as you move from north to south, the rate of warming decreases, suggesting a correlation between warming rate and latitude. 

Andrews concludes that these variations in warming rates, seen not only in Greenland but also in other locations around the world, are consistent with changes in the Earth’s orientation to the Sun – known as Milankovitch cycles. These cycles affect the amount and angle of sunlight reaching different parts of the planet.

He writes that Milankovitch cycles explain past rapid temperature shifts in Greenland, backing up the findings of an “overlooked” 2020 paper from Professor William Happer. 

Read more over at the Daily Sceptic

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