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Climate alarmism hits a boiling point

Daily Sceptic, summarised by Centrist

Major outlets are reporting record high temperatures. However, in the case of Florida’s recent headline making temperatures, they were being driven by dynamics other than rising CO2. Former ecology lecturer Jim Steele suggests to maintain the “crisis hoax” , temperature readings are cherry picked to suit the “global boiling” narrative. 

Mainstream media is now clearly in the grip of a climate catastrophisation mania. Normal reporting standards seem to have been abandoned in the rush to scare populations to comply with the collectivist Net Zero agenda. 

Last year’s Nobel Physics Laureate Dr. John Clauser says the climate narrative has corrupted his beloved science.

It seems eyebrows are starting to be raised about this sort of guff, even in alarmist circles. 

Read more over at the Daily Sceptic

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