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Consumers rejecting EVs, fake meat, and more

Summarised by Centrist

Author Jeffery Tucker, of the Brownstone Institute, says consumers are pushing back against various elements associated with the so-called “Great Reset”. While electric vehicles (EVs) initially gained popularity, consumers are increasingly finding them impractical for long-distance travel due to charging issues. Meanwhile, gas-powered cars are seeing a resurgence. 

Similarly, the popularity of fake meat products, once touted as a replacement for traditional meat, appears to have peaked, with declining interest and stock values. Beyond Meat was $196 (USD) in 2019. Today $8.72 (USD), “with no one being particularly interested,” says Tucker. 

COVID vaccine manufacturers are also facing steep drops in their share prices as the public demand for boosters dries up amid lawsuits and doubt regarding their effectiveness and safety. 

Even Mark Zuckerberg’s censored social media platform, Threads, went from an initial 4 million users to about a million (not very active) users in a few weeks. 

Tucker says trends such as these are indicative of the importance of consumer choice and market-driven decisions.

“Are you noticing a pattern here?” he asks. 

Read more over at The Epoch Times

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