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COVID blew apart the theory of the “Overton window”

Summarised by Centrist 

The theory of the “Overton window,” popular in professional circles seeking to influence public opinion, refers to the range of ideas that are considered acceptable and mainstream. 

The old advice was that advocacy efforts should aim to stay within this window while subtly shifting it. However, recent events (i.e. COVID) cast doubt on the validity of this theory.

The lockdowns in 2020 showed how quickly and dramatically public opinion and policies can change. This challenges the notion of a need for a gradual shift in the Overton window. 

According to columnist Jeffrey Tucker:

“The excuse was that ‘the science changed’ but that is completely untrue and an obvious cover for what was really just a craven attempt to chase what the powerful were saying and doing.

“It was the same with the vaccine, which major media voices opposed so long as Trump was president and then favored once the election was declared for Biden. Are we really supposed to believe that this massive switch came about because of some mystical window shift or does the change have a more direct explanation?” 

Tucker writest that instead of some mythical window, the focus should be on speaking the truth sincerely and without manipulation. Earning trust is the only surefire way to broaden the range of acceptable ideas amongst the public. 

Read more over at The Daily Reckoning

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