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Curia Research – New Zealanders overwhelmingly support Treaty Principles Bill

Summarised by Centrist 

In a surprising revelation, a poll by Curia Market Research commissioned by the Taxpayers’ Union, shows the prospect of a Treaty Principles bill enjoys broad support across New Zealand. 60% favour the bill against a mere 18% opposition, which translates into a 3:1 ratio of support to opposition, according to The Facts. 

Breaking it down by party, the National Party’s followers show a 4:1 approval ratio. This raises the question as to why the Party has offered limited support when their voters overwhelmingly support the bill? 

Surprisingly, Labour supporters are even more enthusiastic, with a 6:1 ratio. 

The proposed bill, seeking to define Treaty of Waitangi principles, including governance rights and equality under law, resonates widely. From urban to rural locales, and across genders and ages. 

“Does the ACT Party have superior voter research skills/suppliers compared to the other parties who seem to have misread the nation on this issue?” asks The Facts. 

Curia Research - New Zealanders overwhelmingly support Treaty Principles Bill - Centrist

Read more over at The Facts

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