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Debunking climate change claims: New Zealand’s weather trends show no catastrophic shifts

Summarised by Centrist

Last year may go down as a record for climate change hot air, with a study of insurance losses from 1968 to 2019, adjusted for time, showing no statistically significant trend in normalised seasonal losses due to extreme weather. 

Owen Jennings, president of Federated Farmers and former MP, says New Zealand’s climate change industry has grown significantly.  Government employees and consultants work on the premise that rising temperatures are causing extreme weather events. 

However, Jennings notes the insurance data contradicts claims of worsening weather conditions linked to climate change. Worldwide research also supports this, indicating a decrease in wealth destruction by extreme weather events as the world becomes richer. 

Despite these findings, the focus on extreme weather persists in climate advocacy, driven by financial interests and sensational stories.

“Too many jobs, too many research grants, too many scary, sensational stories that sell advertising are dependent on keeping the catastrophic theme alive and well,” Jennings says. 

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