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Decolonisation and the controversy in modern science

Summarised by Centrist 

Duke University professor John Staddon discusses the “decolonisation of science” in the modern era. He argues that the focus on group disparities in social justice, assuming uniformity among individuals, leads to the problematic belief that all disparities are solely due to factors like racism or sexism, rather than acknowledging inherent differences between groups.

“Somehow, social pressure pushing identity politics over meritocracy has been building over the years, to the point that an article on the virtues of merit in science, co-authored by many eminent scientists, could only be published in the Journal of Controversial ideas,” he says. 

Staddon says that over six decades of work as a scientist, he had never seen a student discriminated against on account of their race. 

“I have no reason to think my experience was unusual. To say that ‘science is systemically racist’ is nonsense, both because it isn’t and because ‘systemic racism’ isn’t a thing anyway. Science must be liberated from poisonous social-justice doctrines if it is to survive,” he says. 

Read more over at Daily Sceptic 

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