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Don Brash: Facebook’s deletion of posts “political interference”

Summarised by Centrist

In a note to supporters of Hobson’s Pledge, Don Brash said:

“As I write this I still can’t believe this has happened to us. We hear of political interference happening overseas, but today Hobson’s Pledge has been the target.” 

According to the former National leader, Facebook has deleted all of Hobson’s Pledge’s posts and paid advertisements related to the Fast Track Approvals Bill. 

Brash says this is clear cut political interference and discrimination. He added that while their posts were blocked, the Māori Party’s posts directing to the same government submissions page were not. 

“For a start Facebook should not be able to block links to the Government website and impede democratic engagement. They certainly shouldn’t be able to pick and choose which organisation can help their supporters to access the submissions page,” he wrote. 

Brash says he doesn’t know if this move is reflective of Facebook’s official stance or the decision of individual staff members, because Facebook has not offered any clarification. 

“Hobson’s Pledge already experiences significant hostility from the media and we use emails and social media as a way to go around the patronising so-called fourth estate to reach New Zealanders,” said Brash. 

Read more over at Hobson’s Pledge

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