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Our Government is knowingly overcharging NZ farmers for methane emissions (Dr Muriel Newman)

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summarised by The Centrist

In Labour’s Climate Scandal, Dr Muriel Newman says a lot of farmers are feeling overburdened by the harsh methane penalties imposed on them by Labour and the Greens (4 times higher than they should be). The result is many want to quit.

Whether methane is even a valid concern when it comes to our climate is still being disputed, says Newman. 

The United Nations (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change now says methane is far less damaging to the environment than they’d originally reported, but our Government continues to use the UN’s old data to impose penalties on methane producers.

Also affected by this overcharging scandal is New Zealand’s waste sector, which entered the Emissions Trading Scheme in 2013.

The mainstream media should be challenging our Government on this and is not.

Thanks to the extremism of former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Green Party’s Climate Minister James Shaw, New Zealand is the only country in the world attempting to regulate livestock emissions.

Read Labour’s Climate Scandal

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