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Edwards: “The public can’t have total faith in the electoral process”

Summarised by Centrist

Missing ballot boxes, multiple cases of double voting, and “ineffective” vote checking processes by the Electoral Commission are just a few highlights from a recent audit report about the integrity of 2023’s electoral process. 

According to political scientist Dr Bryce Edwards, “No one could read the Auditor-General’s report and not have their confidence dented in New Zealand elections.”

Edwards writes that the problems appear to stem from issues such as underfunding and inadequate oversight. In particular, many problems were tied to the complexity of handling a record number of late enrolments and special votes.

So should election day enrollment be abolished? 

Some argue its challenges compromised the accuracy of the vote count. The Greens argue this is an attempt to disenfranchise voters. 

Edwards notes that Labour moved the closure date in 2019 to benefit those who tend to vote for left-leaning parties.

Now National, ACT, and NZ First may be seeking to revert it to favour the political right.

He notes that the Labour-led Government introduced the changes without consulting opposition parties, breaking tradition. This has led the National-led government to feel entitled to do the same. 

Read more over at Democracy Project

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