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Embrace Homeschooling: A Call to Parents

BFD, Summarised by The Centrist

Lushington D. Brady strongly advises parents to consider homeschooling for their children, 

Brady writes, “Reflecting on my choices, I’d have opted for it. If my kids were school-aged now, homeschooling would be my preference. 

“It’s not just due to schools’ shortcomings, declining results vividly illustrate this. Homeschooling guards against young minds’ susceptibility to the Woke movement. 

“In the U.S., parents and teachers are abandoning public schools en masse. The 2022 National Assessment of Educational Progress reveals alarming proficiency rates. A Gallup poll shows dwindling confidence in public schools among Americans. Chronic absenteeism surged due to Covid and increasing indoctrination. 

“Homeschooling has surged, doubling since 2020. Governments restrict parents from seeking better schools. 

Homeschooling preserves quality education and freedom of thought.

Read the whole opinion over at the BFD

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