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England launches review of transgender “treatment” after report  suggests evidence built on “shaky foundation”

Summarised by Centrist 

A damning report questioning current practices has compelled England’s National Health Service (NHS) to undertake a comprehensive review of all transgender treatment and calls for the abolition of hormone drugs to children under 18.

The report, authored by paediatrician Dr Hilary Cass, cites a lack of substantial evidence in support of gender transitioning, particularly in children under 18.  “Gender medicine for children and young people is built on shaky foundations,” she says.  

The report notes the risks associated with drastic life changing surgery at an early age, recommending instead an “unhurried, holistic, therapeutic support,” for individuals with gender dysphoria. 

The report is also concerned about the toxic debate and social pressure faced by families. Parents risk being labelled “transphobe” or accused of harming their child for not accommodating  their transition. 

Cass notes there is a common use of suicide threats from young people to push for transition, and that healthcare professionals are afraid to speak openly amid rampant bullying on social media. 

“This must stop,” she says. 

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak supports the call for extreme caution. 

The NHS review will include a reevaluation of gender-affirming hormones and a pause on offering first appointments to young people under 18. However, the UK’s 12 adult gender clinics have signalled that they won’t cooperate.

Read more over at the Western Standard

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