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Eric Kaufmann’s new book unpacks the rise of wokeness and its impact on society

Summarised by Centrist 

In his new book, Eric Kaufmann, a Professor of Politics at Buckingham University, delves into the origins and impact of “wokeness” and how it’s hurting those it’s meant to help.  

Contrary to theories of a planned Marxist coup, Kaufmann attributes wokeness to Left-liberal motivations stemming from compassion and guilt, with deep historical roots. 

Kaufmann argues that the repressive political program, which began in the 1960s, has caused significant cultural losses, neglecting goals like freedom, excellence, and community. 

It has suppressed valuable information, stigmatised open discussion on issues like immigration and gender spaces, and pushed critics towards populist conservatives. 

Additionally, minorities suffer when society cannot openly address the negative impacts of movements like Black Lives Matter or militant trans activism, leading to poor responses and worsening situations.

Read more over at The Daily Sceptic

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