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EU’s agricultural protests 

Summarised by  Centrist 

“A sound environmental policy would favour local over national and international and allow for human prosperity,” says Dr A.W. Barber. But that’s not what’s happening in the EU as seen in the recent surge in farmer protests across Europe, echoing sentiments seen in Canada’s Freedom Convoy. 

Farmers are rallying against EU Green Deal regulations (based on the UN’s sustainability goals), advocating for fair trade agreements, minimum pricing, and reduced bureaucracy. They argue that current policies favour corporate farms who they say are the worst polluters.

Barber points out that the economic fallout in Sri Lanka from implementing UN agriculture policies, (specifically banning synthetic fertilisers and pesticides) triggered an economic collapse as food supplies ran short. 

He says that the EU’s Green Deal regulations are still stubbornly in place and points out  the disconnect between policymakers and farmers. He says UN schemes benefit globalists and the wealthy while ignoring farmers’ needs. 

“Local ministers are trying to convince farmers that if they go along with the Green Deal, they will make more money. Certainly, politicians know more about farming than farmers…,” he says. 

Read more over at the Western Standard 

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