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Ex-CDC director reveals ‘significant side effects’ of COVID vaccines have made some ‘quite ill’

Summarised by Centrist 

Former CDC Director Dr Robert Redfield recently spoke out about the “significant” side effects of COVID vaccines. 

Officials who tried to raise concerns about vaccine side effects “kind of got cancelled…because they were afraid that would cause people not to want to get vaccinated,” he said. 

Redfield said there is a need to acknowledge adverse reactions that made some people “quite ill.” 

Redfield’s comments come amid ongoing debates about COVID severity and vaccine safety. Concerns range from overcounting or undercounting COVID deaths to reported adverse reactions like heart inflammation, nervous system disorders, and even death. 

While hanging on to claims that the vaccines saved lives, he said that it’s essential to be honest about the significant side effects experienced by some individuals.

In Redfield’s opinion, while vaccines are vital for vulnerable populations, such as those over 60 or 65 years old, they may not be as critical for individuals under 50. 

The CDC continues to recommend COVID vaccination across age groups, citing the lower risk of vaccine side effects compared to the potential harm of contracting COVID.

Read more over at The Epoch Times

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