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Experts offer 5 reasons New Zealand should slow down on raising speed limits.  Centrist offers a contrary perspective.

Summarised by Centrist

New Zealand’s coalition government plans to reverse previous speed limit reductions. Some argue this move is misguided, but are they missing an important point?

Experts offer five reasons why raising speed limits could be detrimental. In short, they include maintaining lower speed limits can save lives, reduce pollution, improve health, and align New Zealand with global safety trends. 

Editor’s note: We note this article cites the Emission Impossible study that we say is obvious nonsense. However, the main point missed in the argument for lower speeds  is that, for many people, it is simply not enjoyable living in a nanny-state where everyone has to comply with restrictive rules aimed at controlling the bad behaviour or judgement of a very small number. 

Those causing the problems are unlikely to comply with even more restrictive new rules anyway.

Read more over at The Conversation

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