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Fact check 2.0 – Excess deaths Part 2

In brief
  • Excess deaths in children and working age adults reported globally, although not in NZ.
  • Rising insurance claims are occurring overseas despite declining COVID deaths.
  • Vaccine supporters mention disease, lifestyle, care reduction, but sceptics aren’t sure.
  • Sceptics point to the timing of excess deaths and vaccine rollouts.
  • Research on post-viral complications in COVID survivors needed.

The view on excess deaths outside New Zealand

Increases in excess deaths have been reported as occurring amongst children across Europe. Meanwhile, Canada, the UK, the United States, and several other countries have all reported a stark increase in the numbers of working age people dying suddenly. 

Research from the UK suggests “a pattern of ‘persisting excess deaths which are most prominent in relative terms in middle-aged and younger adults’ ”.

Excess deaths fact check
Is there a link between the global spike in excess deaths and the global vaccine rollout? Image: Loris Paleari

Recent data from Canadian researchers suggests that seasonal effects, where winter flus may contribute to excess deaths, doesn’t explain why many jurisdictions are seeing this occur in the summer. 

Actuary data from insurance companies appears to confirm the industry is aware of increasing numbers of claims, despite a steep decline in COVID deaths.  

Besides age, vaccine supporters blame disease, lifestyle choices, reduced medical care, etc., but sceptics are dubious. 

Vaccine sceptics point to timing between the spike in excess deaths and the vaccine rollout

Recent research, yet to be peer reviewed, also suggests peaks in excess deaths coincide closely with booster rollouts. Some research suggests that not a single country of 17 reviewed had all-cause mortality improved after the vaccine rollout.

In discussing the recent US government admission of an unexpected rise of 158,000 excess deaths in the US this year, when compared to 2019, Dr Pierre Kory of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance says:

“It’s the timing. The timing is inarguable. Why are the healthiest elements of society, young employed folks, dying in rates we haven’t seen before, in 2021?” 

Kory refers to the insurance industry’s discussion of excess deaths and notes how they forecast they will persist among life insurance policyholders for years

“What happened in the American workplace in 2021?” he asks. 

The need for a comprehensive and impartial inquiry

The questions raised by COVID vaccinations and their possible link to the phenomenon of excess deaths needs to be answered. 

Several medical professionals and scientists engaged in COVID research are calling for independent and impartial inquiries, which need to include a close examination into the safety of the COVID vaccines. 

More study is required to determine if, in fact, excess mortality may be attributed to post-viral complications, especially since viruses can harm the heart muscles during infection. 

Additionally, there is uncertainty surrounding whether vaccinating individuals who have already had COVID might trigger an adverse reaction known as ADE (Antibody-Dependent Enhancement).

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