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Florida State Surgeon General calls for halt in Pfizer and Moderna COVID mRNA vaccines

Summarised by Centrist 

Florida State Surgeon General, Dr Joseph A Ladapo, has called for a halt in the use of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, specifically Pfizer and Moderna, due to concerns regarding nucleic acid contaminants. 

In a letter to the FDA and CDC, he raised questions about the presence of DNA fragments and Simian Virus 40 (SV40) promoter/enhancer DNA in these vaccines. Dr Ladapo expressed worry that lipid nanoparticles used in vaccine delivery might efficiently transport contaminant DNA into human cells, posing potential risks such as DNA integration into human DNA. 

The FDA’s response did not provide evidence of assessing these risks, leading Dr Ladapo to recommend prioritising non-mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and treatment. He emphasised the need for transparency and scientific integrity in evaluating these concerns.

Read more over at Florida Health

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