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Get taxpayer cash for your documentary – so long as you use it to attack the ‘far right’

Summarised by Centrist

Writer Graham Adams says there has been ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘inconsistency’ in government agencies funding numerous recent NZ documentaries biased in favour of the Left

Adams argues that taxpayer cash is only ending up in the hands of filmmakers with a leftwing agenda.  

Significant taxpayer funding has been poured into creating several documentaries, including “Fire and Fury,” “Jacindamania,” “Web of Chaos,” and “Trick or Treaty?”

Writing on The Platform, Adams says they aim to depict allegedly far right “shadowy forces pulling the strings of a gullible New Zealand public.”

Adams implies the funding of these documentaries is unbalanced. 

“In fact, you might conclude the left generally is blameless, despite even its run-of-the-mill activists being dedicated to promoting radical transgender ideology, extravagant climate-change scenarios, selective state censorship and anti-democratic Māori nationalism,” he writes.

Adams writes that: 

“If TVNZ were truly dedicated to the balance prescribed by the Broadcasting Act 1989, it would screen [independently funded River of Freedom] to provide a counter-weight,” Adams says, adding that the label ‘far right’ seems unfairly applied to “anyone to the right of Te Pāti Māori or the Greens.”

Read more over at The Platform

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