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Global study debunks sea-level rise alarmism as islands expand despite climate fears

Summarised by Centrist

Contrary to alarmist narratives of imminent civilisation-ending sea-level rise, a recent study reveals that many islands worldwide have, in fact, increased in size. The study, conducted by Chinese scientists, analysing surface and satellite records, discovered a net increase of over 157 km2 across 13,000 islands between 1990 and 2020.

Out of thousands of islands studied, including Tuvalu, the Maldives, and others, researchers discovered that many shorelines have maintained stability or expanded. Despite fears of a “climate emergency”, only approximately 12% had undergone notable changes in shoreline position. Almost an equal number showed either inward (loss) or outward (gain) movement.

Moreover, sea-level rise was not found to be the primary cause of shoreline erosion. Factors such as tides, winds, human activities like fish farming and land reclamation, etc., play significant roles in shoreline changes.

With mainstream reports running wild with alarmist claims like rising oceans “will kill entire languages,” Chris Morrison, the Daily Sceptic’s Environment Editor, suggests it’s all hype. 

He points out how island nations like the Maldives are demanding “climate reparations” from “guilt-tripped citizens” in developed nations. Yet tourism has lifted the incomes of many to first-world standards. However, extensive coral mining for infrastructure (i.e. not climate change) has harmed ocean biodiversity and weakened storm protection.

Read more over at The Daily Sceptic

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