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Gone By Lunchtime, Thursday: The rise and fall of the 4-day work week in one of the world’s longest trials

Summarised by Centrist 

Magyar Telekom, the Hungarian subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, embarked on a nearly 2-year trial of the 4-day work week, involving 300 employees, spanning various departments. But what started with a bang, ended with a whimper and the company will be returning to a 5-day work week in March 2024. 

Chief People Officer Zsuzsanna Friedl lauded the initial results, citing improved work-life balance and enhanced productivity. Yet, as the trial expanded, cracks emerged. Not all employees adapted well to the added hours during the work week as personal obligations made a longer day impractical. Also, scheduling conflicts disrupted collaborative efforts across departments.

The conclusion: Magyar Telekom’s experience doesn’t spell the end for alternative work structures, but for larger corporations, the challenge of implementing such reforms may be tough. The 4-day work week’s potential may still be utilised particularly in smaller firms or those with flexible work arrangements.  

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