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Graham Adams: Underestimate David Seymour at your peril

31 December 2023

Writer Graham Adams says David Seymour is a canny and shrewd politician who may be able to bring a referendum on the Treaty principles despite the chorus of opposition against him. His proposed Treaty Principles Bill aims to redefine Treaty principles and allow New Zealanders to vote on them, challenging the current (divisive) interpretation by judges and academics. 

Adams argues that Seymour believes in the decency and intelligence of the ordinary voter and their ability to engage in a wide-ranging discussion about constitutional issues. 

He also argues the activists against Seymour are unwittingly doing the work for him. He cites Te Waka Hourua, the group who recently vandalised the English version of the Treaty at Te Papa as being an ally in helping spread Seymour’s message. 

Adams says “When English is New Zealand’s only common language, it defies belief that any protest group would think it was a good idea to deface the version written in the language everyone speaks.” 

Read more over at Bassett, Brash, and Hide

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