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Haimona Gray on the ‘Car-koi’ and how media perpetuate low expectations

Summarised by Centrist

Who organised the recent ‘Car-koi’? 

The way the mainstream media pitched the coverage, it would appear the Budget day demonstrations was a grassroots organic event. Yet, they were not organic at all, but organised by individuals closely linked to Te Pāti Māori. 

Political commentator Haimona Gray observes that 

“If we were discussing vegetables and not activism they could be investigated for false advertising by repeatedly making this claim.” 

Gray continues: 

“It’s not uncommon to see politicians at protests but it is uncommon for a protest to be almost entirely organised by a parliamentary political party and for this to not be acknowledged in corresponding media coverage.”

Why would the mainstream media obfuscate this detail? 

Gray argues that perhaps media outlets, in an attempt to be “allies” to Māori, may uncritically run Te Pāti Māori talking points, resulting in biased coverage. 

This lack of critical questioning from journalists, particularly regarding protests organised by political parties like Te Pāti Māori, leads to the soft bigotry of low expectations, he writes.  

“If we force a united front, while internally being at each other’s throats, nothing gets better,” writes Gray.

The public, Māori and non-Māori alike, deserve better transparency and accountability from both media and political activists to maintain trust and integrity in reporting.

Read more over at Haimona Gray’s Substack

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