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Opposition to co-governance is racist

Te Huia Bill Hamilton, Summarised by The Centrist

Te Huia Bill Hamilton is a lead adviser for the National Iwi Chairs Forum. He writes that opposition to co-governance is “fuelled by racism”. 

He accuses Julian Batchelor, Chris Luxon and David Seymour (who is Māori) of racism. He claims NZ has a “high level of tolerance for racism and hate speech”. He also says police are protecting citizens attending racist rallies from peaceful protestors. 

When it comes to defining co-governance, Hamilton speaks in platitudes. He says it’s “inclusive” and “aims for consensus”, but fails to give an explicit definition. He does admit it may not be good for the majority, but defines the “majority” as being made up of privileged white men. 

Hamilton, like many others, says Batchelor’s book Stop Co-Governance is “full of racist rhetoric”, but doesn’t give any examples. 

Read the full article over at E-Tangata

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