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Heart deaths in Australia – Dr. John Campbell

According to the Australian Society of Actuaries, there were over 22,000 excess deaths in 2022, 12% more than expected. This indicates that despite Australia’s efforts to contain the pandemic, the impact on mortality rates remains significant.

The report highlights that 51% of the excess deaths were directly attributed to COVID-19, while an additional 15 were considered COVID-related. However, 7,034 deaths (34% of the total excess deaths) had no mention of COVID-19 on the death certificates. This is statistically significant and calls for further investigation into the underlying causes.

Excess deaths were observed in all age groups, with at least a 5% higher mortality rate than expected. The report notes that females experienced a higher excess mortality rate compared to males, which warrants further exploration.

Notably, deaths from ischemic heart disease, affecting the coronary arteries, were significantly higher than expected. This suggests the presence of blockages or inflammation in the coronary arteries, leading to cardiac complications. These findings align with previous discussions on heart disease.

The report emphasizes the need for thorough investigations into the causes of excess deaths, beyond the impact of COVID-19. However, there is a clear lack of prioritization from governments in conducting these investigations.

The data from Australia supports the increase in deaths related to heart disease and overall mortality all over the world. The report calls for comprehensive investigations into these factors affecting populations worldwide. Governments need to prioritize understanding and addressing the underlying causes to mitigate the impact of future health crises.

Watch the full video on Dr John Campbells channel. 

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