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“I don’t think I said that”: Tucker Carlson dismantles Australian journalists attempting to link conservative reporter to racist theories and being a Putin toady

Summarised by Centrist 

US commentator Tucker Carlson fiercely rebutted Australian reporters’ accusations of promoting racism and Russian propaganda. 

“This alignment between media organisations and the government, I find disgusting, actually,” the US pundit said to cheers from the crowd. 

“Everyone knows how corrupt you are and there’s a reason they have contempt for you,” the ex-Fox News anchor said. 

He shared his belief on why vaccine injuries linked to the COVID vaccine are not being discussed in the media because Pfizer is one of the biggest advertisers on television. 

“I worked in television my whole life, this is not speculation,” he said.  

“This is an insurance policy that the drug makers are buying with the big media companies. We’re your biggest advertiser, maybe if we have a lot of vax injuries with a brand new product, you won’t say too much. And they don’t,” he said. 

A reporter alleged Carlson’s endorsement of the Great Replacement Theory claiming ‘whites are being replaced’, which Carlson promptly denied. He asserted that his comments have always focused on the replacement of native-born Americans, not specifically white people. 

“Your slurs are all by implication,” Carlson told the journalist. 

The exchange grew heated when the reporter linked Carlson’s views to violent incidents, including the Buffalo mass shooting. 

“How do they get people this stupid in the media?” he asked the crowd. 

Hear the whole address over on X 

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