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In the US, Democrats are far more likely to blame systemic racism for COVID deaths disparities and advocate for government to control disease spread than Republicans

Summarised by Centrist

A University of Minnesota study published in the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law shows that political views in the US greatly affect how people perceive COVID health disparities.

The research, based on a national survey from spring 2023, found that left-leaning Democrats are more likely than right-leaning Republicans to attribute COVID death rates to race or income.

While differences in healthcare access were the most cited reason for racial disparities, Republicans were more inclined to blame individual choices. 

Only 30% of respondents agreed that systemic racism causes health inequities. Of those who agreed, 54% were Democrats, 12% were Republicans, and 17% were Independents.

Additionally, 75% of Democrats supported public health departments’ authority to control disease spread, compared to 39% of Republicans and 35% of Independents. 

Read more over at Medicalxpress

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