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Is the news media deliberately ignoring stories which contradict Carbon Net Zero ‘hysteria’? 

Summarised by Centrist

Stories about increased food production in China and cows reducing greenhouse gas emissions by eating methane-emitting plants are being ignored by the media. 

Perhaps, according to Daily Sceptic Environment Editor Chris Morrison, it is because they don’t square with the Net Zero “hysteria.” 

Morrison writes that food production in China is soaring because of higher CO₂ levels and warmer temperatures. When the temperature is high, yields increase, and when it’s low, yields decrease. 

He also highlights the “bizarre omission” of stories about the benefits of grazing cows on grassy wetlands, citing two US studies which have “enormous implications for water-laden countries like Ireland, whose cow belching-obsessed policy berks are planning to spend £600 million [$1.24 billion NZD] removing 200,000 cows from some the world’s greenest and lushest pastures.”

He cites research that suggests when cattle graze, plants focus on growing their roots rather than above-ground parts. This deeper root growth helps plants store more carbon in the soil through photosynthesis.

“This ‘denial’ of counter-narrative climate science takes many forms in mainstream media, activism and politics. Mostly, it’s achieved by omission, a fate that can befall anything that isn’t useful for Net Zero promotion,” Morrison writes. 

Read more over at The Daily Sceptic

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