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Ivermectin trials researching their use as COVID treatment appear designed to fail 

Summarised by Centrist

Despite widespread claims about the effectiveness of ivermectin in treating COVID, some top-tier studies have concluded otherwise. However, “(I)t is inappropriate to conclude that ivermectin was ineffective based on (these RCT) studies with major design flaws,” writes infectious disease expert Dr Yuhong Dong. 

Dong goes over the flaws in drug trials regarding ivermectin and its effectiveness in treating COVID. Improper dosing, statistical misinterpretations, selection bias, and potential hidden agendas have skewed the findings. 

These high profile, yet flawed trials producing dodgy results have allowed a mainstream narrative to permeate, which suggests ivermectin is not useful in countering COVID infection. 

Yet, positive findings from observational studies and meta-analyses consistently show ivermectin’s efficacy in reducing infection rates, mortality, hospitalisations, and severe clinical outcomes. 

Dong notes the US National Institute of Health (NIH) website includes only those trials she identified as having design flaws (or possible fraud, according to Dong) to support its stance against using ivermectin to treat COVID. 

Additionally, she says that peer-reviewed studies demonstrating ivermectin’s effectiveness have been withdrawn from the site without clarification.

Dong alludes to “factors beyond science” when she writes: 

“A new drug or vaccine cannot achieve an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) status if there is an existing viable therapeutic available. This fact alone may have impacted many decisions.”

Read more over at ZeroHedge

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