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John Stossel: Our world needs fewer Elizabeth Warrens and more Elon Musks

Summarised by Centrist

Journalist John Stossel praises “makers” like Elon Musk for driving significant advancements in electric vehicles, space exploration, and internet connectivity. Meanwhile, “takers” like US Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren, not so much.

In a video post on the X platform (formerly Twitter), the former network news anchor calls out Warren’s claims that Musk paid “zero taxes”. Stossel reveals this was true in the one year Musk didn’t realise income, but in the year Warren said that, Musk paid $12b to the IRS – the single largest tax bill in US history. 

“Warren wanted Musk to give the government more than twelve billion?” asks an incredulous Stossel.  

“So Musk creates cool new things and more than a hundred thousand jobs, but the attention seeking politicians demand the government investigate him for wrongdoing,” says Stossel. 

Musk, in response to Stossel’s post, refers to Warren as “Senator Karen” and suggests that her economic and tax policies are influenced by her advisor, Joseph Bankman, father of disgraced crypto financier Sam Bankman-Fried. 

Stossel concludes: 

“Our world needs fewer Elisabeth Warrens and more Elon Musks.” 

Watch the whole video over at X and read more over at Zerohedge

Image: X

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