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Lynch: Paul Goldsmith’s Fair Digital News Bargaining Bill threatens to “devastate” local news

Summarised by Centrist

Christchurch based journalist Chris Lynch blasts Goldsmith’s Fair Digital News Bargaining Bill. 

“If Goldsmith believes that companies like Meta and Google will willingly agree to pay for local news, he is misguided,” writes Lynch. 

“The reality is, this bill has the potential to devastate local news,” he writes.

Lynch explains that when Meta blocked Canadian news from Facebook, small outlets lost vital traffic, and some faced imminent closure. 

Meta responded that news outlets need them. Not the other way around. 

Goldsmith’s bill, Lynch argues, will limit the reach and engagement of local news organisations, especially those reliant on Facebook. 

This is already evident as major players like Stuff and NZME shut down community publications. 

Facebook was indispensable during crises like earthquakes and wildfires, providing timely information to the community, he notes. 

Goldsmith claims that media must adapt to survive, but Lynch is concerned that the bill will sever community connections, fuel misinformation, and harm local journalism. 

By giving ministers power to select negotiating news organisations, the bill is poised to create a disaster, stifling local media and diminishing community engagement. 

“Is that what Goldsmith wants for New Zealand? To limit local news? Or does he naively think he can win over the most powerful companies on the planet?” he asks.

Read more over at Chris Lynch Media

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